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Why People Camp?

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

I have done a lot of camping during my childhood and I never stopped camping. I camped in all kinds of conditions too, from tents, igloos, lawn chair, tent trailers, minivan, and camping trailers. But in order to market camping in a rented caravan to others I really need to understand the fundamental reasons people go camping to begin with.

My research and personal experience first indicates that camping is not always easy. In some extreme cases, people will hike for days to spend a night or two in small uncomfortable tent and limited sleep. The things that are so easy at home like going to the bathroom, cooking a meal, taking a shower, are so much more challenging when camping.

Even when you own an RV or camping trailer, you still have to drive there, set-up, and sometimes your neighbouring RV maybe closer to yours than your neighbour's house back home.

So why do it? Why do an activity that consumes some much energy for less comfort?

I believe that people do it to either connect with nature or connect with each other or both. That is it.

One could argue that there are other reasons. For example, one could say that going camping during the week-end is to get away from the daily chores ans stresses during the work week and that this recharges their personnal battery. My perspective is that if getting away from week day stresses is the only reason, there are simpler ways to do it like going to a hotel every week-end, taking a shower would be so much simpler. My perspective is that spending time outdoors, in nature, and connecting with ourselves and each other creates so many benefits that it offsets the additional effort required. It grounds us, makes us talk, play and connect with each other. It basically makes us behave like who we fundamentally are as a person as opposed to who we have to be when we go to work or in other social context.

Why go camping, to Connect with Nature, to Connect with Each other.



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