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The Customer Journey

Being involved at my current employement as the sponsor of a business analyst community of practice as well with the hundreds of entrepreneur and business books I read and listened to over the years, I truly believe that in order to have a successful company, I need to start with the customer.

And I did that. I authored a customer journey map to identify different personas ( a personal idenfier of a customer group ), and the associated touchpoint and feelings the customer would get with Liberté throughout its entire journey. As a starting point, I started with a family persona called Jane and Steve that have 2 kids of 3 and 5 years old.

Jane and Steve are ficticious but represent a typical suburban family that are interested in spending time outside and possibly camping. Some of their friends and neighbours have camping trailers and they want to join in but they hesitate because buying their own camping trailer represents an initial investment of $30k plus they would have to replace their small SUV with a larger one.

That is why Jane and Steve loves the hassle-free of the Liberté renting solution. It is totally easy, online and first time customers are onboarded in advance so that they feel comfortable towing trailer. As well, the Liberté can be pulled with a small SUV and is designed to strategically house storage bins, color coded, that have been provided in advance. As well, the Liberté will be brought and picked up straight to and from their home.

Total comfort, hassle-free journey to connect to nature and their camping friends.

Connect with Nature, Connect with Each Other

Eric, Liberté

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