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The Airstream impact

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

I identified the fact that I am in the final process of retrofitting a 1962 vintage Airtsream Overlander. This process involves a lot of work and basically taking the entire trailer apart, called a shell-off restoration, and replace everything but the exterior shell. Even there, I had to replace a few panels of the exterior shell.

This process highlighted a few key principles that I am incorporating in the design of Liberté.

The first thing is artistic design that allows branding. Liberté will require a unique design, appealing to the eyes, to make it unique on the market.

The second is structural stiffness. Basically, most camping trailers are built with the concept of a frame and add walls and roof. This concept leads to movement between those elements during the tough stressss imposed while travelling at high speeds of rough roads. This movement eventually creates cracks and openings and then, water leaks. Liberté's structure will permanently bond the floor frame, walls and roof to prevent this.

The third learning is the selection of materials and assembly makes a unit last. So Liberté will most likely have either a unfinished surface like bare aluminum or copper combined with fiberglass. No mechanical fastenera will be used for structure or assembly.

Connect with Nature, Connect with Each Other



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