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Let's Go Live

So I booked a date, Friday May 3rd, as an official launch date for this website. Since Liberté will first launch in the Ottawa and Montreal areas, I am focusing my marketing to physical events through peers, friends and family. So we will see how a wine and cheese event will work. What is the worst that can happen, I run out of cheese, or that I have excess wine. These don't seem like a big risk.

So I need to get the website ready. I am not a design person ( the mechanical engineer and project manager in me) but I do need to make it appealing. So far, I am leveraging templates from and it seems to work. My biggest challenge is that I don't have pictures of my actual product that I am offering so my strategy is to focus on the caravan rental as a service and the problem that Liberté is solving.

Until we meet for wine and cheese, Connect with Nature, Connect with Each Other.


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