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There are certainly a few activities that are happening that requires my attention and in order for me to create a successful business, I need to focus on less things in time in order to increase my total output.

Although I am relatively successful at managing many things at one time, using the project manager in me, when there are too many things, it can lead into stress. I learned to recognize this with experience and I am now entering a period where I need to prioritize my limited mental attention.

At this point in time, my attention goes towards

- Work where I do have a team of 107 people to manage including internal customers and a potential upcoming re-org that I have no control over but stressing my team

- training my 2 kids and wife for April running races where my oldest son will run his 2nd half-marathon and my youngest attempting to run his fastest 10km race. This requires training 3 times a week.

- my own training for marathon season and races starting in May. This requires at least 75km of running every week including a gruelling 2-3 hours 25-32 km long run each Sunday.

- I am converting from employee to consultant so everyweek I have to do things to prepare for that including touching base with agency, security clearance, and this is all done in privacy of my current employer.

- One of my revenue source is attempting to rent the Airstream effective this summer. Not only will the revenue add to my transition funds but also allow me to learn about the rv rental space and the Outdoorsy renting p2p platform. To make this happen I need to spend another 200-300 hours from now until end of June to complete the retrofit.

- On top of it all, I do want to grow Liberté as much as possible so that it is ready for my transition from consultant to entrepreneur. This requires launching the website, designing the customer journey, daily blogs, design and production of actual prototypes and pilots. Thus requires at least 20 hours a week.

- All this personal stuff does not remove my personal obligations of date nights, spending quality time with family and friends.

So how can I be successful with all of this happening at the same time. By focusing on one thing at a time with confidence that if I planned overall outcomes right, I will be an entrepreneur, my kids and I will run our races, I will have a finished Airstream and I will have maintained healthy relationship with my wife, kids, family and friends.

Until tomorrow, Connect with Nature, Connect with Each Other.



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