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A Vision of getting the message out there

There are lots of ways to market a new product or service. My goal is to make it fun for me. So why not combine fun social events with getting the message out there about Liberté.

I envision outdoor social gatherings of different forms and types with invitation to a network of people that will hopefully grow over time. For example, I see a tailgate party on a Friday night at Carleton University after the running room speed workout classes. I also see a social beer tasting at a micro brewery where 2-3 Liberté's are parked outside and hosting different games and music.

Why not?

I hope that this journey will be fun and you will join me at one of these events. Some in Ottawa, some in Montreal for the first year and then we will see.

Tomorrow's blog should focus on the product itself, the caravan. Which is one of the two paramounts elements of Liberté. The first one was the customer journey and the second one a super product.

Until then, Connect with Nature, Connect with Each Other.



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