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What is Liberté

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Hello Friends of Liberté,

I want to explain why I named this new venture Liberté. Liberté is pronounced as (Lee-Ber-Tay) in English and it has a "accent aigue(é) " on the e. It is obviously a french name being normal since I am from Embrun, a small French Ontarian town. The word means freedom.

The goal of my company is to connect people with nature and each other. I truly believe that once we are truly connected with nature and each other, we will ultimately create a feeling of freedom, or Liberté in French.

Imagine the feeling of freedom you can experience when you are enjoying your hot coffee while sitting outside an early sunny morning and overlooking a calm pond. Liberté caravans will create this experience memorable for you. I believe that anybody can have a coffee next to a pond but to truly enjoy your morning coffee, you must have had a good night sleep before and that is where our caravans come into play. You are not roughing it out in a cold damp tent, you are sleeping in total comfort with our high end mattresses in a temperature controlled environment (that also protects you from bears and raccoons.

With Liberté, you can also enjoy your morning coffee knowing that you did not just sign up for a 10 year payment plan by having bought a camping trailer or RV while under pressure. You are enjoying your coffee because you know that at the end of the week-end, you simply drive back home and somebody will pick-up your rented caravan, will clean it, inspect it and maintain it so that it is in perfect order for your next trip where you want to enjoy a different landscape.

What is Liberté? It is not only the means to get connected to nature, it is the hassle-free journey that we will provide you. You will be totally free to enjoy your morning coffee, wherever and whenever you choose.

Connect to Nature, and Each Other


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