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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Since I decided to start Liberté, I contiuously think about the next steps. It positively consumes mental energy and I have summarized a Kanban board around Liberté's next steps.

These categories will continously evolve over time but in order to seriously make Liberté a success, I need to ensure progession for the following categories of work 1- business start-up activities, 2- product design, 3- customer journey, 4-technology, 5- Finance.

It seems like a lot of things but I generated a and list small broken down tasks that I can complete every day. For example, I registered the website and company name, I prepared a cost and revenue model, I started a 3d model and even 3d printed some parts. It is happening, I am doing it and it feels great.

Connect with Nature, Connect with Each Other.


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