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Unique! How unique can a camping trailer be?

As I am working on the design of the caravan, I leverage the first product design directive, unique. The fundamental reason to have a unique caravan is that there are lots of "white boxes" out there and the RV market is currently in an acquisition phase where Thor Industries, the worlds largest RV manufacturer, through the acquisition of several brands such as Airstream, is the leading manufacturer and produces more than half of the RV's in North America.

The RV market is old school and problematic through bad product design, undisciplined manufacturing leading to bad quality products, and offered to customers through an inefficient distribution model. On top of that, there is little appetite for change as they are making money and selling lots of products.

All that to say that when I try to design a unique product, I tend to naturally gravitate towards common look and feel as after all, a towable caravan is box on wheels towed by a vehicle, how unique can it be.

My only approach will be to have a unique and identifiable shape, color, materials and functionality.

If you know of good designers and sketchers, please send me an email to


and don't forget to connect with nature, and each other.

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