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The last mile...

When I complete a long activity like a marathon or an ultra-marathon, it seems like the last kilometer or mile never arrives soon enough. I am having the same feeling with the redesign of Liberté's logo.

Because I still work every day for a employer, I can only afford a few hours every day to work on Liberté tasks. So each day, for the past few days, I create a different version of a logo, with different colors, style and come back the next day to find myself not satistied with the previous day's outcome. To the same extent that during a long race, the end never seems to come fast enough. Maybe I will need your help to help me decide as what I need is perspective. Yes, that is it. In tomorrow's blog, I will post the top 3 candidates for Liberté's new logo. Maybe that will help me cross the logo's finish line.

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