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Liberté's Unique Product

I believe that in order for Liberté to be successful in the caravan renting space, its core product should be designed for renters.

The problem with current camping trailer designs is that they are not suited for first time users. Eventually, all rv owners learn how to use their units but it does take a few times to learn how to set up and prepare for safe towing. This will simply not work to create a good customer experience for renters. I will have to design and build my own caravans to meet renter's needs.

I am thinking of the following requirements that I will incorporate in the design:

1- ease of towing ( the unit must be lightweight so that it can be towed by most small SUV. I calculated it should be less than 2,200 lbs.

2 - spacious ( a Liberté should be capable of sleeping 4 + 1 people )

3 - easy to set up ( this will mean incorporating electric hitch towing dolley so that inexperienced users can manually back up the caravan in tight camping spots using an incorporated electric driven tracked dolley, also automatic self levelling stabilizers and electric awning)

4 - easy to use ( we will have to forget about complex propane refrigerators and water tanks with difficult starting procedures, we will have to increase solar and easy to use electric systems)

5 - color coded storage systems ( for users to safely store their items through pre-shipped color coded bins so that everything will have its owns secure storage).

Until I finish the design, Connect with Nature, Connect with Each Other.



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