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Liberté Means Freedom

Since I recently resigned from my full time job and announced my plan to start a business in the configurable caravan (camping trailer) market, I get a lot of questions and comments from peers.

One of the most frequently asked question is about the name, Liberté Caravans, and its meaning.

It's no secret I am french canadian, from rural eastern ontario, Embrun to be more specific. So the name Liberté, with its full "accent aigüe" on the e fully represents my french background.

Liberté means freedom and represents 2 forms of meaning for me. First of all, it's about my own personal freedom as I transition from a constrained full time employee to a liberated entrepreneur with total freedom to succeed, or fail. The second meaning of freedom is for customers, currently constrained to bad rv's and camping trailer products made available to customers through a frustrating and inneficient manufacturing and distribution model. Liberté Caravans is about empowering customers through a high quality caravan shell and customer driven configuration system to make sure their needs are met.

You asked, now you now.

Connec with Nature, Connect with Each Other

Eric Bazinet

Founder of Liberté Caravans

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