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Liberté Caravan's Summer Update

Good day friends,

Since my last blog update in March, things have certainly been busy here at Liberté Caravans. We finalized the acquisition of the property in Innovation Commercial Park in Limoges, Ontario (near Calypso water park) and have already started the site plans and anticipate breaking ground in October of this year. The picture above with key partners such as the Nation Municipality mayor François St-Amour and councillor Francis Bruyère. Also included is Desjardins account director Philippe Laflèche and architectural technician Marc-André Decoeur from Absolute Architecture + Design. Also with me are 3 of the 5 team members Nate Perras-Villeneuve, Gabrielle Brunet and Jamie Benson.

We are now in final prototype production phase and this has been proven to be of exceptional value. We have updated our production model to be 14 inches taller and finalized our production techniques, systems and layouts. We outgrew my garage and moved to a temporary space at Chez Lili Party Rental on St-Albert road in Embrun area this past June. To be honest, we are late on our prototype construction mostly due to 3 week shut down and slow production ramp-up due to COVID19. Our prototype unveiling is now set at October 15 and start of production maintained at November 15 2020. We are now a team of 5 part time employees and myself working on this approximately 30-35 hours a week.

Since our last blog, I secured several partnerships with local and Canadian suppliers in order to scale our operations once ready. We are also updating our website shortly so you will be able to see our 3 models (sizes), various examples of layouts.

Our most interesting realization and focus is to ensure we are designing and building a product for Canadians. We realized out of the 45,000 camping trailers bought in Canada each year, less than 1,000 are produced in Canada. We can do better and I plan to make sure Canada reduces its dependency and produces its fair share of camping trailers. That is why all of our caravans (towable camping trailers) will be designed and built for true Canadian conditions, including winter. Imagine the fun and excitement you could have with a truly comfortable overnight ski-in / ski-out stay at your favorite local ski hill. Alternatively, create a unique experience this winter with a Christmas vacation and enjoy the wonders of Canadian winter while snowshoeing, or a fat bike ride in your favorite forest park, and watch a Christmas movie in the comfort of your Liberté caravan.

Until my next blog, I recommend you stay connected through our Instagram libertecaravans

or via email at I read and respond to all your questions, concerns or comments. I will seek interest to participate to the prototype unveiling event in early October. If you are interested, send me an email. There just may be a few glasses of wine available for you.

Eric Bazinet, P.Eng., PMP

Founder and president of Liberté Caravans

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