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Am I crazy? To launch a new RV manufacturing business when the market is down.

If you are aware of the RV industry, you will notice that the sales of RV's, especially in the category of towable camping trailers, has been down for at least 3 quarters. Yet, my goal is to launch a business specifically for this market. So am I crazy and doomed for failure? And to add to this, the RV market is saturated with small manufacturing companies and many of them don't make it.

My goal is to offer a caravan of high quality to customers and support the customers throughout their entire journey, and make sure they connect a lot with nature.

The simple fact that the RV industry is down is a problem and the industry is very volatile to the consumer purchasing indexes such as interest rates, price of gas, etc, so I am not surprised that it is down. My goal is to reduce the acquisition or rental cost of caravans by removing what the customers don't need and should not have to pay. For example, a customer that does not want an oven in their RV should not have to buy one, especially when each component in a RV generated profit for several distributors, manufacturer and dealer.

I think I will have success if I make the price of the caravan appealing, even if it does not have an oven, microwave or cheap radio that most customers don't want or need anyway.

The other advantage that I have, is that I am starting so I am very small and can adapt to the evolution of customer needs, unlike big manufacturers with expensive distribution network.

Until I have a product to offer you, do you best to connect with nature, and each other.

Eric Bazinet


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